I teach Creative Writing and Screenwriting classes at UC and perhaps my favorite thing about teaching is giving feedback to students about their work, which is very much a form of editing. Before teaching, I worked as an editor for literary magazines and am, of course, a writer myself.

My editorial services are for prose writers. I can edit for grammar and clarity with line edits and then plot, structure, character, etcetera, with the full developmental edit. I am great with flash, short stories, novels, essays, and memoir.

Each service will be tailored to your needs, so contact me and let’s chat about your project.

Praise for Bernard’s Editing Services

“A careful and considerate reader, Bernard is both insightful and pleasant to work with.”
– Tatiana Ryckman, author of I Don’t Think of You (Until I Do)

“Bernard is an insightful and generous reader. He provides the kind of feedback that inspires better writing, and his edits have improved more than one of my stories.”
– Meagan Macvie author of Ocean in My Ears 

“For the past 5 years that I have known Bernard, I’ve been truly impressed with how he approaches editing. Whether he’s editing my work or if we’re working together on editing a writer’s submission to The Nervous Breakdown, I’m always amazed by the way that Bernard edits not just for the glaring issues, but attends to the little things that make a huge impact. He’s also really great at being honest with the writer, as well as cheering them on. A true professional and a very supportive editor, I feel blessed that I get to work with Bernard.​”
– Chelsey Clammer, author of BodyHome and Circadian

“Bernard is a careful, supportive editor. He gently reminded me of basic things (like being specific) while also showing me more sophisticated uses of the structure I was working in, thereby improving the overall aesthetic experience of my piece, including opening the door to more humor.”
-Anca Szilágyi, author of Daughters of the Air

“Having worked with him in both capacities, I am impressed with Bernard as a writer and as an editor. His prose has a unique sense of style, strong narrative, and insistent voice, and his editorial eye is keenly focused on helping others showcase craft and storytelling in their work. You’ll enjoy working with him!”
– Lisa Romeo, author of Starting with Goodbye: A Daughter’s Memoir of Love after Loss; Creative Nonfiction Editor, Compose Journal; and contributor, The Nervous Breakdown and Pithead Chapel

“Bernard works with you to create a better world. One with less grammar mistakes and fewer words. The changes he helped me make we’re innumerable and I will continue to have him work with me through multiple books. I highly recommend going with Bernard for your editing services!”
– Josh Mercer

Bernard edits with you in mind. In his feedback, he balances careful attention to form with a sure grasp of your vision for the project. After working with him, you’ll have a clearer sense of what to do to achieve that vision.                                                                                                                                                                                     -Emily Holt